Welcome. We hope you like our products, and enjoy your shopping experience. We make, design and stock a wide range of custom wedding cake toppers, unique wedding cake toppers and traditional wedding cake toppers. Lovespoons, table decoartions etc. So whether you are looking for monogram, vintage, rustic, personalised, unique, custom, we can make it,  Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here at The Craft Cabin & Laser Crafts we aim to provide a great variety & wide selection of quality embellishment laser products for those crafters who love Making Cards & Scrapbooking, making wedding stationery, wedding decor etc. We also offer a huge variety of laser cut embellishments, and paper craft products that suit those creative brides wishing to create & make their own wedding stationery. We are pleased that we can now offer many products, which are manufactured in house. As a family run online business we are completely committed to our business and know that it's absolutely essential to provide great customer service to ensure you, our customers, will want to return to our shop again and again.Myself : Denise - have spent over 20 years in the print and creative industry. Starting out as a designer in this field has given me great knowledge of all things in the paper crafts. I have always loved making things - drawing, painting and creating as soon as I could pick up a pencil. I have my father to thank who was a very keen artist & always encouraged me to be creative. After many years of glass painting, running decoupage classes at colleges & attending many craft shows, also selling my exhibits & running children's craft classes across Wales, I eventually discovered card making. I soon realised I loved it completely. I think it may have been that my work was produced fairly quickly, and the result was very pleasing & satisfying. It wasn't long before I started to approach shops, and was selling my Handmade Cards across Cardiff & The Vale of Glamorgan. It didn't take long to then develop my own Wedding Stationery range which proved to be extremely popular. With all this knowledge crammed in my head & no-where to let it out, I began to feel a little frustrated, so I decided to let my inspiration run its course and soon found myself looking for Premises to open a shop. I wanted to share my passion - if I can do it, anyone can! So in February 2004. I opened The Craft Cabin. The shop was completely dedicated to Paper Craft, Card Making, DIY Wedding Stationery & Scrapbooking. We run regular craft classes, and I made a huge amount of friends. During the 2006 with the help of technology & this fast moving online market we started to concentrate a bit more on the Website, so as to pass on knowledge & inspiration across the UK, and even into the European Market. It wasn't long before the Website started to show huge interest. The sales orders started to pour in, and demand was becoming very popular for our craft supplies and our inspiration to all our fellow crafters. Even our local customers were purchasing products from us online, and we started to deliver goods locally to those who get out of their home. We recognised that there were an immense amount of Crafters who were disabled or house bound. Recognising this inspired us even more to make our website THE BEST ONLINE!!!... So those who are unable to leave their home, could visit our site, and be part of our crafting community.In February 2007 we decided to close our High Street Craft Shop, and continue to grow our business online. A sad time for us, but this gave us the flexibility to continue our business growth, but to develop a more personal shopping experience online. We want all our customers to enjoy shopping with us, and felt we could give our attention to detail by staying a relatively small/medium size wedding craft business. We thrive on knowing a lot of customers personally, whether they are customers from our previous store, or customers we have grown to know online. You all matter to us, and take pride in making sure YOU - our customers come first. After many years of trading online, we have grown to know the market very well. Therefore established good relationships with many suppliers across the UK and Import Stockist.  We have all the relevant machinery & tools in house. So if you are looking for something different or bespoke please do check with us, as we may be able to supply it, as a special request. Some of the products we make and design, are not available elsewhere in the UK, so you will find a unique look to many of our wedding related products.We hope you enjoy your shopping experience online with us and look forward to getting to know all of our customers for many years to come. Happy wedding crafting  - Denise

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